Email is Still One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools.

By automating email campaigns, prospects can be massaged into clients effortlessly.


When we tackle an email marketing project, we typically setup email automation series. Through automation, previously sent emails can be recycled and sent out to new list joiners so that everyone can see the message and you don’t have to re-write the content. Numerous tested emails can be custom scheduled to best massage a prospect in a way that will lead them to be most-likely to engage your business. Aside from just time scheduling, we can program your email campaigns to send after certain “triggers” are engaged as well–like sending a “please review our services” email after a “purchased” tag is added to a subscriber.

Performance-Based Management

When ROI Strategists manages your email marketing, automation campaigns, etc., we place a heavy emphasis on reporting and campaign performance. Often, we’ll utilize A/B testing to determine what forms of messaging are achieving better responses, we monitor open rates and resend to non-openers a few weeks after a campaign ends, we monitor clicked buttons to see what content is found to be most-engaging, and we monitor the subscriber ratio to ensure your list is poised for growth, not reduction.

Is Your Email Marketing System Integrated into Your Website?

We’ve found that many businesses miss great opportunities to capture leads via website contact and signup forms. Further, the businesses that do feature website newsletter signup forms often have them hidden in the website’s footer with no engaging message to convert a visitor to a subscriber.

Best practice is to create a pop-up form.

Yes, we know pop-up forms are annoying and nobody wants to annoy their website visitors. That said, the actual pop-up can be delayed for a period of time to ensure the visitors seeing the popups are likely interested in engaging further. Additionally, websites can have scroll trigger-points that force the pop-ups to wait until a certain section of the website is explored by the visitor.

The bottom line: In adding a pop-up form, in general, a business will increase its subscriber rate to 3% of website traffic.